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Further Information and Resources

Online Digital Resources

Database: The Curran Index, eds. Lars Atkin and Emily Bell. 2017-present. (Open Access)

HathiTrust. Punch volumes 1 – 173. (Open Access)

Punch Historical Archive 1841 – 1992. (Subscription)

On Punch’s Women Contributors

Birch, Katy (2019) Gender, Anonymity and Humour in Women’s Writing for Punch.  In: Easley, A.,  Gill, C. and Rodgers, B. (eds.) Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1830s – 1900s. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press pp.351-364

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Horrocks, Clare and Moody, Nickianne (2020) ‘Crumbs from the Table: Matilda Betham-Edwards’s Comic Writing in Punch’. In Gavin, A. E. and Oulton, C. W. de la L. (eds.) British Women’s Writing from Bronte to Bloomsbury, Volume 2. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan pp.135-148

Maltz, Diana (2007) ‘Sympathy, Humour and the Abject Poor in the Work of May Kendall.’ English Literature in Translation 50:3: 313-32

On Punch

Leary, Patrick (2010) The Punch Brotherhood: Table Talk and Print Culture in Mid-Victorian London.  London: British Library.

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On Victorian Women Writers and their History

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