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Captain J.P.Morgan Gallery

Elder Dempster

Captain J.P.Morgan

Captain James Patrick Morgan was born Seamus Patrick in London on 15th of November 1943. At this point of the Second World War, London was under constant threat and a young James, like many others, was evacuated. His mother requested that he was raised in a catholic home, and he was placed in Lynton, Devon, with two ladies, Gwladys Morgan and Marion Rimmel. Gwladys went on to adopt Seamus and he became known as James.   


He was raised in the South of England and joined the Merchant Navy in Ipswich in 1961 as a cadet, where he ascended through the ranks to Captain with exemplary reports. He sailed extensively to Europe and Africa, which was served predominantly by Elder Dempster Lines, and his interest in the shipping company is reflected in his collection of maritime artifacts. Over his career, Captain J.P. Morgan amassed an array of shipping history.  


Captain J.P. Morgan went on to work onboard the Senlac, the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry, before becoming a paramedic and Leading Ambulance Officer for the Sussex Ambulance Service.

He was also an active member of St. John’s Ambulance, where he provided extensive training and advanced to Commissioner of the Sussex Central Area. His long, meticulous service was recognised, and he was invested as an Officer of the Order of St. John. This sense of duty extended to the local community, with the development of a medical equipment loan service, the National Coast Watch, and his commitment to the catholic church.  


Captain J.P. Morgan’s significant collection was kindly donated to Liverpool John Moore’s University Archives and Special Collections by his wife, Mrs Joyce Morgan.

The ‘Elder Dempster Captain Morgan’ Collection will now be preserved and used for future reference. 

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